Why maintaining your car should be your New Year’s resolution

Vehicle maintenance is something most people neglect to some degree. Make one of your resolutions this year about car maintenance, and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Resolutions are typically about reducing stress, saving money, becoming more organized, and improving your quality of life. Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale is here to show you how proper car maintenance checks all of those boxes and more.

Car maintenance is probably something you remember every once in a while, driving to work or before bed. You may even feel some guilt when you remember how long it has been since your last oil change, or all those milestone maintenance items you’ve ignored in your owner’s manual over the years. Getting your maintenance schedule up to pace, scheduling regular appointments, and fixing problems you’ve been living with instead of fixing will provide you some peace of mind. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your car has been handled and inspected by experienced professionals, and you’ll be happier driving a car that both functions correctly and doesn’t pose an immediate risk of breaking down on you.                               

Maintaining your car will also save you money. The cost of maintaining your car is exponentially smaller than the cost of fixing the problems caused by neglected maintenance. Simple oil changes will save you an engine, alignments and tire rotations will save you a 600 dollar set of tires, filter replacements will avoid an expensive and time consuming transmission replacement, and the list goes on and on. Do your wallet a favor, and invest in something that will definitely pay off.

Scheduling regular maintenance appointments will help organize your time, and reduce the time spent thinking about bringing your car in for an inspection. Knowing exactly when you’ll be dropping your vehicle off allows you to budget time and money, and lets you concern yourself with other things that need your attention.

Keep Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in mind when making your resolutions this New Year. Let us worry about keeping your car reliable and road ready - all you have to do is bring it in. Start your year off right, for both you and your car. Call or come see us today!



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