Kathy Farley
Customer Review
I forgot this shop is fantastic! They are the best around! I am so relieved I took my car here and had all the things done. I drove out feeling very happy and extremely satisfied with the customer service, the repairs, and the price! Eric and the mechanics here are outstanding! They know what they're doing! You can't go wrong going here!
Kathy Farley
Customer Review
My car broke down on the way taking my husband to the hospital having a heart attack! I sent him off in an ambulance and proceeded in getting my car towed home. The next day I took my car to Kenely auto care per my cousin's referral and wow! Eric was so nice to me. Said they would get right on my car (2005 Dodge Durango) they found my radiator cap was bad, the water pump was bad and the thermostat. I added on changing plugs, oil change, transmission fluid change, and rear end grease changed. Although it took 3 days to get all of this done, Eric kept me informed all along. He even provided me with a ride home and back. I have to take it back for another repair but I have no worries about the price or the work to be done! This is my go-to auto repair shop from now on! Thank you, Eric, for everything.
brake parts

One of the more annoying issues a car, truck, or SUV will develop is a grinding or scraping sound when you hit the brakes. What is it, and how do you make it stop? At Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale, CA we have the answer.

mechanic working on car

A huge part of what the hydraulic system in your transmission does is tell the mechanical components what to do and when to do it. Even if you don't understand how that works, our technicians at Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale, CA have trained with the best to make sure they understand all the ins and outs of your system. We want you to understand what we're talking about when we talk to you about your vehicle so we'll break down some aspects of your hydraulic system. 

man checking oil stick

Routine services are routine for a good reason. Schedule them with us here so we can be sure that your vehicle stays in the best shape. Here’s a look into what happens when routine services aren’t performed, from Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale, CA.

Oil being poured into a vehicle

Everyone from mechanics, to your uncle that works on cars, has at some point given you advice concerning engine oil. The fact of the matter is that while we are familiar with words like “synthetic” and “oil weight,” many people don’t know exactly what the terminology means, or why common knowledge about oil exists in the form that it does. At Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale, CA, we keep things clear and simple. The more you know about your vehicle, the better equipped you are to keep it maintained, and we know a thing or two about vehicles. We have compiled a short list of common myths for you, most of which you’ve heard, but maybe never second guessed.


Automatic transmissions aren’t well understood outside of specialists like our technicians here at Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale, CA. While it would be impossible to teach you enough to make you a transmission expert in a quick article, what we can do is give you the fundamental knowledge you need to have a good idea of what your transmission is doing and how it works. Being able to understand how your transmission works will help you identify any problems that may arise to prevent further wear and tear on your vehicle. 

Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete engine

When it comes to our Orangevale, CA drivers, we strive to provide them with only the highest quality of products. That’s why here at Auto Care By Kenely, Inc , we are excited to announce the latest availability of the Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete engine by Jasper Engines and Transmissions. JASPER is a leader in the nation for remanufacturing engines and drivetrain products at an affordable price point. The Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete engine is available for the 2009-2014 Ram 1500 applications and is not currently for sale, or use, in California.

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