There are times when you just don't need to have one more thing go wrong.  Say, for example, when you're a week and a hundred miles from home, coping with personal loss, in the middle of the night.  It's times like that when "just one more thing" is really uncalled for.  And when "just one more thing" is your car breaking down, stuck in park on a two lane bridge, blocking traffic leaving a baseball game on a Friday night, you can get a little frazzled.

But then, when "just one more one more thing" is the same car breaking down AGAIN after replacing the battery, the afternoon before said personal loss is brought to closure, and said car's passengers have to drive 100 miles home to get back to work, one might be inclined to throw one's hands up in the air and exclaim "FORGET YOU, WORLD!" Sometimes, though, help is out there.  You might have to pay a small chunk of change for it, but if you can find someplace like Auto Care by Kenely, then "just one more one more thing" can be taken off your plate.

The car went into their shop at 8am, after a quick and professional tow by Performance Towing.  After listening to the car's symptoms and our woeful tale, the shop's service representative hopped out to get some number from the car, and returned with an estimate for cost and time.  We were assured that if everyone's guess was right, and the problem laid in the car's alternator, then we would have the car back by the afternoon. In fact, the work was completed just an hour after noon.  The total was a smidge more than the initial estimate, but nary enough to complain about.  The car operated perfectly the rest of the day and for the long drive home.

Auto Care by Kenely isn't the kind of place where they wash your car after servicing it or offer other frills.  But they get the job done, have been working on cars for 15+ years, and, I think, can be relied upon in a pinch.  For someone like me, who can change the oil, a tire or a battery, but little more, that counts for a lot. - Paul B.


Thank you for visiting Auto Care By Kenely, Inc in Orangevale, CA. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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